Le Marbre et le sang

Regard sur la Collection IAC par l'artiste Katinka Bock

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Every two years the IAC launches a key event in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region based around artworks from its collection.
In 2019, Bourg-en-Bresse will host Katinka Bock’s particular vision of the collection. Katinka Bock was naturally chosen to curate this exhibition after her important monographic exhibition at IAC in 2018.
The itinerary, which begins in the H2M space for contemporary art continues at the Royal Monastery of Brou, crystalizing at the heart of the church to then find
itself in contact with the artworks in the museum,thus mixing historical and contemporary works.

The title chosen by Katinka Bock, Marble and Blood, is taken from a novel by Italo Calvino entitled Mr. Palomar (1983). In this book the author writes: “After a series
of intellectual misadventures (...) Mr. Palomar has decided that his chief activity will be looking at things from the outside.”

Seeing, watching and thinking is for Katinka Bock a way of envisaging the experience of the museum. Here, “marble” evokes the introductory space of the H2M art center, a cold, white, transparent and geometrically defined space. “Blood”, is both life and matter, flesh, men, animals and still lives, it also references the Monastery
of Brou and its museum.

Here Katinka Bock is indeed inviting the visitor to watch, by playing on subtle oppositions between the concept and the imaginary, between verticality and horizontality, the inert and the sensitive, between life and death.

Exposition "Le marbre et le sang - Regard sur la Collection IAC par l'artiste Katinka Bock" from Institut d'art contemporain on Vimeo.

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