The IAC bookshop, specialising in contemporary art, is both a resource and an outreach tool for the IAC’s artistic projects. It features catalogues on solo and group shows, theoretical works, specialised magazines, and a selection of children’s books. Contemporary artists’ productions are also on sale: videos, books, postcards, and multiples.
Other domains are represented, such as architecture, design, film, video, and music. All IAC publications are available, reflecting our complete publishing history.
More recently, the bookshop has been showcasing projects by young artist-publishers. These original creations interrogate ’the book’ as a creative tool. The IAC bookstore’s hours are the same as those of the IAC.

The bookshop at the Institute is open during exhibition opening hours.

Contact : Ida Mininni 04 78 03 47 76


A consultation space, located in the IAC reception area and open during the IAC’s hours of operation, offers visitors selected documentation on the current exhibition. Drawn from the IAC’s documentation centre, this selection of works gives various insights on invited artists and the works exhibited, through monographs, group catalogues, a choice of theoretical texts, and texts written by the artists. As a complement to this documentary focus, a film is produced for each exhibition, featuring an interview with the artist or curator of the exhibition, describing the suggested itinerary of the exhibition, and sometimes including its assembly.

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