The visitor's service at the Institut d’art contemporain produces a visitor's guide for each exhibition.
Handed out at the reception to each visitor, the document is for adult visitors and provides keys and references for visiting the exhibition. It transcribes the intentions of the curator of the exhibition, what the artists say and also mentions points related to the history of contemporary art.
Visitors who so wish can discuss the content of the guide and their questions and feelings with the cultural mediators who receive the public at the entry to the Institute.

Guided tours AT THE WEEKEND

The cultural mediators at the Institut d’art contemporain lead visits with commentaries for those who wish to be accompanied. These visits are organised every weekend on Saturday at Sunday at 3 pm.
The visits are available free with the entry ticket and no reservation is necessary. They are designed to be interactive, favouring discussion in order to deepen the approach and to enhance perception of the works shown.


The cultural mediators at the Institut d’art contemporain are also available to work with accompaniers of groups (maximum 30 people). They can design and lead visits with commentaries whose duration, themes and procedures are established with the organisers of the groups.
These visits with commentaries include a presentation of the exhibition venue (its history, missions and special features) and initiation in contemporary art (the basic notions of plastic and visual expression, an approach to the materials used, aspects of art history, the procedures for presenting works, etc.) via a visit to the exhibition of the moment.
These visits are based on discussion and are aimed at enhancing the group's understanding of the way the invited artists work and of the different currents in art to which their works belong.


Visitors service
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