Benjamin Hochart

La forme de loisirs / Tourner (au carré)

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Fort du Bruissin / Centre d’art contemporain Francheville

Benjamin Hochart studied at the École nationale des beaux-arts in Lyons. He attends the La Seine program at the Ensba, Paris (2007-2009). He has also gained the residence Art3 grant (Valence) at the French Institut in Stuttgart (2008). His work was shown in two different places. At the Cité des arts in Chambéry, he showed mainly updated works (with resin replacing paraffin wax) from his Carcasses et vieilles peaux series. He exhibited new works at Fort du Bruissin—a set of drawings and sculptures that took over the fortified, labyrinthine architecture of the venue and played on its telluric dimension.

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