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Galeries Nomades

5 artistes / 6 lieux / 6 expositions / 5 publications.

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Semaine, a weekly publication devoted to contemporary art published and distributed by the publisher Analogues (Arles), was chosen by the Institut d’art contemporain for the co-publication of an issue devoted to each of the Galeries Nomades 2007 artists: Leslie Amine, Marie Frier, Benjamin Hochart, Ludovic Paquelier and Linda Sanchez.

The artists have been invited to show their work and their exhibition with the help of Nathalie Ergino, director of the Institut d’art contemporain and Pierre Tillet, editor-in-chief of the journal 04, in the presence of the authors of the texts and representatives of partners.

- Leslie Amine / Anselm Jappe, art critic
- Benjamin Hochart / Pascal Beausse, art critic
- Ludovic Paquelier / Patrice Joly, art critic
- Linda Sanchez / Léa Gauthier, art critic

Publications produced with support from Rhône-Alpes Regional Council.

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