Galeries Nomades 2007

Semaines 2008

Texts by A. Jappe, M. Duport, B. Hochart and P. Beausse, P. Joly, L. Gauthier.

84 pages
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ISSN : 1766-6465

Galeries Nomades exhibitions enable young artists with qualifications from the écoles supérieures d’art in the Rhône-Alpes region to benefit from a first solo exhibition under professional conditions for the dissemination of contemporary art. Every two years, in collaboration with partners, the Institut d’art contemporain holds exhibitions with the creation of new work and followed by a publication.
Made by Analogues editions during the launch of the supplements of Semaines magazine, this publication gathers artists and art critics involved in Galeries Nomades 2007.
edited by Analogues, Arles
co-edited by

IAC Villeurbanne

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