Rendez—Vous, Jeune création internationale

Biennale de Lyon 2015

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Created in 2002 by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon, with support from the Région Rhône-Alpes, Rendez-vous, an international platform dedicated to young creation, that has associated, since 2003, in a first for France, four institutions: the Biennial of Lyon, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes and the National School of Fine Arts of Lyon, that make up its artistic direction.
Made possible by the complementarity of these institutions, Rendez-vous proposes to reinforce the connections between different domains of competence, in this way opening increased perspectives to the chosen artists.

Since 2009, ten curators from ten international biennials have been invited to contribute to Rendez-vous. Each edition is the opportunity to invite new biennials.
A biennial exhibition...that takes place each year:  Rendez-vous is exhibited at the IAC during the Biennial of Lyon, and the following year, in a different form, outside of Europe. So in 2008, Rendez-vous was presented in the Shanghai Art Museum, with residencies in Moscow, Peking, Miami, and Buenos Aires ; in 2010, Rendez-vous participates in the Biennial of Shanghai ; in 2012, Rendez-vous was presented in the South African National Gallery of Cape Town ; and in 2015, Rendez-vous is exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts / LASALLE College of the Arts, in Singapore.

10 French artists, or artists living in France,
10 artists proposed by 10 biennials around the world,
1  invited Graphic Designer.
Though the confrontation of places and cultures may not be anything new, Rendez-vous allows 20 artists to benefit from a first important exhibition in a renowned institution by way of an international dialogue, with each edition being more fruitful than the last.

In 2015, Rendez-vous invites the Biennials of Dakar, Fukuoka, Gwangju, Istanbul, Kochi, Havana, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Sharjah and Thessalonica.

The invited artists :
By the artistic direction
Gaëlle Choisne (1985)
Ruth Cornelisse (1987)
Fabrice Croux (1977)
Adelaïde Feriot (1985)
Nicolas Garait-Leavenworth (1978)
Lola Gonzàlez (1988)
Maxime Lamarche (1988)
Daniel Otero Torres (1985) 
David  Posth-Kohler (1987)
Johann Rivat (1981)

By the Biennials:
Biennial of Dakar :
Sidy Diallo (1986) by Abdelkader Damani, Smooth Ugochukwu Nzewi and Elise Atangana, invited curators 2014
Triennial of Fukuoka :
Terae Kei-Ichiro (1981) by Raiji Kuroda, Director
Biennial of Gwangju :
Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa (1978) by Jessica Morgan, invited curator 2014
Biennial of Istanbul :
Sümer Sayin (1985) by Bige Örer, Director
Biennial of Kochi-Muziris :
Rathin Barman (1981) by Bose Krishnamachari, Director
Biennial of Havana :
Celia & Yunior (1985 et 1984) by Jorge Fernandez Torres, Director
Biennial of Los Angeles :
Daniel R. Small (1984) by Aram Moshayedi and Hamza Walker, invited curators 2016
Biennial of Shanghai :
Ran Huang (1982) by Anselm Franke, invited curator 2014
Biennial of Sharjah :
Jumana Manna (1987) by Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi, founder and President
Biennial of Thessalonica:
Anastasis Stratakis (1985) by Katerina Koskina, Art Director

The graphical identity of Rendez-vous 15 has been entrusted to Alaric Garnier,  Graphic Designer and graduate from the National School of Fine Arts of Lyon. His contribution to the internet site and to the exhibition catalogue, is to be considered as the work of an author in the same way as the visual creations presented in the exhibition.
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