Lola Gonzàlez

Born in 1988 in Angoulême (France). Lives and works in Paris, France.
Lola Gonzàlez works in both a spontaneous and controlled way, experimenting situations and nourishing her work with emotions felt during group led interventions. Her apparently simple videos and performances reveal themselves to be engaged in a deep thinking on the reality of what we see, or think that we see. Her work also reflects the complicity between the artist, her friends and members of her family who improvise as actors for a moment. They form a group that at the same time opposes and substitutes itself for the rest of the world.
The collection

Lola Gonzàlez

Veridis Quo



Rendez—Vous Pékin 2017, Young French and Chinese Art



Rendez—Vous, Jeune création internationale I Biennale de Lyon 2015


Rendez-vous satellite

Projection du film de Lola Gonzàlez « Veridis Quo », 2016

Exposition "Rituel·le·s" en ligne


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