With Les Rendez-Vous Satellites, the IAC continues its experiments relating to artistic creation and its research activities. During the exhibitions, Les Rendez-Vous Satellites offer different ways to approach artistic creation, such as meetings with artists (Guillaume Leblon in 2014, Jason Dodge in 2016), readings (Matthew Dickman in 2016), and lecture-performances (Matt Mullican in 2017). Outside of exhibition periods, informal, convivial occasions keep the public informed of current art movements, alternating between artistic formats and meetings addressing social issues (Microsillons in 2016, Julie Desprairies in 2017).


On the continuum between research and popularisation, the IAC also offers lectures (an intrductory series on art history), meetings with art world figures (Jean-Hubert Martin, Martin Béthenod, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo), and screening-discussion series (Jef Cornelis).

ex situ

autour de Brion Gysin

par Gérard Audinet

| 19:00
→ Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (MAM) Paris
in situ

I Am, You Are, We Are l'Europe, Dialogue avec Me, Myself and iTunes

by Jean-Charles Massera

| 19:00
in situ

L'Amérique après Katrina / Lyon septembre de la photographie

Sur une proposition de Joerg Bader et Philippe Durand

| 20:00
in situ

Images sonores

sur une proposition de Bernard Fort

| 19:00
ex situ

Catalogue Michel François – Plans d’Évasion

| 19:00
→ Jeu de Paume Paris — France
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