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Creative work is at the heart of the missions of the Institut d’art contemporain and forms the fundamental stage on which all its activities are organised and developed, including the constitution of the institute's collection. With Collection’10, the IAC continues the principle of the regular presentation of its collection in situ. This temporality allows the resetting of its perspective and regular visibility of changes.

Building up a collection of contemporary works of art means working both upstream and downstream of the creation of works, almost simultaneously with their emergence. The showing and production of works is thus confirmed as one of the essential sources of the activities of the collection. The Institute's collection is thus necessarily intersected by the scheduling of art projects. Indeed, a collection crystallises the key questions that run through the art world and that ceaselessly redefine its undertaking. Acquisitions generally result from a close, continued relation with the artists, focusing on the evolution of their work.

Collection’10 was made up of recent acquisitions and works from the existing collection, combining different generations of artists. Collection’10 focused on space as a speculative material in its potential for representation and construction: from mental image to architectural project using different poetic, perceptual and political dimensions among others.

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