Laurent Montaron

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The Institut d’Art Contemporain starts the New Year with a major monographic exhibition by Laurent Montaron. On show on this occasion there will be existing works and some new productions, such as the film BALBVTIO, co-produced with Frac Champagne-Ardenne, who are putting on almost simultaneously an exhibition by the same artist (AYYLU, 19 February - 19 April 2009).

Already present on the international scene (Kunstverein, Freibourg - Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen - LMAKProjects, Chelsea, New York – la Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec,…) and represented by the schleicher+lange gallery, with these concordant projects, Laurent Montaron—born in 1972—now comes under the spotlight here in France.

Laurent Montaron processes the image (photographic, filmic) and its codes of representation, to explore the possible relationship of the image with narrative and with time. He questions for instance the conjunctions of the image and sound or the image and language. How the artist relates to the cinema is conveyed notably through his interest in the recording process, or yet through a search for spatialisation or reverberation of it, and through a subtle setting in motion of the image, however still it may be. Thus, the attention given to the notion of the itinerary and to the view of layouts is central to Laurent Montaron’s work.

In his works, Laurent Montaron probes our experience of time and memory, through images of the psyche, and projection or prediction phenomena. The evocation of the individual’s extrasensory abilities, questions to do with destiny or possible “clairvoyance”, lend Laurent Montaron’s research the power of the art of suggestion. In the manner of Lacan’s Borromean knot, Laurent Montaron’s work crystallises the intersection of the real, the symbolic and the imaginary.

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