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Video art era, which was not given an excessive media coverage at that time, was, thanks to the Nouveau Musée, the main topic of an exhibition. The latter taught many art history and Fine Arts students how to use new powers of criticism of the moving reflection. This exhibition - which is the subject of a publication - reunited, with the assistance of Don Foresta, one of the most talented figure of video art: Nam June Paik, Bob Wilson, William Viola, Peter Campus and Vasulkas.
Video Art exhibition tries to group the approaches which challenge and twist humorously the televised image, leaving out the video and focusing on performances and archived video.

Two works by Nam June Paik are exhibited as a teasing illustration of the phrase to give up on television (literally to sit on television in French) with a mocking reflection on Penseur de Rodin's narcissism. The sculpture, fixed by a camera, throws his own admiration back at him. Shigheko Kubota, as far as she is concerned, builds her work on the absence of image on a screen on. Finally, Paul Klos puts the screen in the middle of a monumental trap: the charming image is whispering with a sweet voice, reminds of Tokyo Rose's message, the announcer, who called GI's to lay down their weapons during Vietnam War.

Most of the artists take a critical look on television. Television technique, some kinds of television programs, as well as graphic prossess and mix of forms are used, whereas some works choose to give priority to music or sound.
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