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Ambition d'art/Nuit des Musées

| 19:00
→ Auditorium

Within the framework of Jean Louis Maubant's exhibition Ambition d’art, the Institut d’art contemporain is holding an evening of video projections devoted to the artists present in the exhibition and who have marked the art of recent decades. It is an occasion to see a few 'treasures' from the archives via the innovative first steps of the Nouveau Musée in the exploration of art 'being made'. It is also the occasion to hear discussions between its founder and the artists or listen to interviews with other players in the history of the art centre. Voices that have lost nothing of their intellectual audaciousness and artistic ideals…

Playlist :
- Daniel Buren, L’exposition comme lieu, Situation 1, 1986, Nouveau Musée archives
- Martha Rosler, Martha Rosler Reads Vogue, 1980
- Jean-Pierre Krief, Jeff Wall, sur une idée de William Klein, Coproduction Arte France, KS Vision and Jeu de Paume, 2002
- Lawrence Weiner, Entretiens (leçon d’artiste avec Jean-Claude Conésa), 1993
- Emidio Greco, Alighero e Boetti, Niente da vedere, niente da nascondere, 1978, prod. Gisèle Oser
- On Kawara, One of a Million Years (Future), One Million Years (Past), 2000, sound, 10 min (excerpt)
- Yona Friedman’s Merzbau, interview par Hans-Ulrich Obrist in Yona Friedman's flat.
- Daniel Buren, Ponctuations Statue/ Sculpture, 1981, réal Vidéo Gan, Nouveau Musée archives
- Martha Rosler, From the PTA, the Hight School and the City of Del Mar, 1977
- Jordi Colomer, Alta comedia, 1993, Tarragone
- Giampaolo Penco, Luciano Fabro, 1997, videoest, Trieste, with Luciano Fabro, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Arianna Giorgi, Johnny Ricci, Achille Bonito Oliva, Germano Celant, Martin Schwander

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