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Table d'hôtes

Albrecht D.

| 19:00
→ Auditorium

The Institut d’art contemporain is inviting Pierre-Olivier Arnaud and Stéphane Le Mercier who in turn are inviting the artist Albrecht D. for another Table d’Hôtes. This is the subject of an evening meeting on 10 April and will then be shown in the glassed over part of the Institute until 13 April 2008.
Very active since the 1960s, Albrecht D. rubbed shoulders in particular with Wolf Vostell and Joseph Beuys before immersing himself definitively in the English industrial scene, working with Throbbing Gristle on several occasions. His work then oscillated continuously between free jazz-punk improvisation and visual montages showing contemporary violence (Violence permanente).

His publishing house Reflection Press (Ben, Robert Filliou, Raoul Hausmann, Endre Tot, Emmett Williams…) reflects his libertarian engagement in form (copy-art, micro-publishing) and content, with much space always awarded to collages and visual poetry.
For Table d’Hôtes, Albrecht D. has decided to 'reactivate' a 1979 group exhibition. Conceived on the occasion of the Congress of International Artists Unions, it consisted of a snaking banner made of photocopies installed in the shopping area in central Stuttgart.

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