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Littérature fainéante

| 19:00
→ Auditorium

The literature of deconstructed passivity in the sense of a serious disease. That is to say, as it comes: Big Up Bartleby, readings, aided or not, simultaneous or not, endings, rubbishy things, BackStageOnStage situation, various devalorisations, (re)animations with music, anti-work, short poems of (in)action, Lafargue and Curlet concrete promotion, doing nothing (making emptiness), general idleness of texts, counter-performances, Malevitch nixes Nietzsche, verbi-phono-dyslexic devices, minced precooked lectures, voice bubbles, cognitive nuisances …

With: Julien d’Abrigeon, Gilles Cabut, Georges Hassomeris, Sophie Nivet, Jean-Luc Michel, Thomas Braichet and Cyrille Bret.

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