Minne Kersten

Born in 1993 in Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Lives and works in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium)

Minne Kersten takes a literary approach to her work, blending installation, video, sculpture and painting to craft the backdrop of a fictional world. Through her immersive environments, the artist reveals buildings to be the receptacle of stories and traumas, as she stages situations subjected to chaos, decadence and deconstruction. She emphasises their stigmata and exposes them as witnesses of private stories retained by the walls that surround us.

Leak, reproduced for Young International Artists, typifies this form of fictional architecture. The container-like structure is covered with ingress stains. Inside, a video portrays an unpredictable body of water whose shifting and uncontrollable state seems to have prevented a disaster from being averted.
The air-conditioning units, which are not running, and the towels left lying there, as if hastily abandoned, underscore the absence of water – whose traces, by contrast, will never entirely disappear.

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