Out of a general concern for transmission and in order to broaden and maintain the adult and individual public at the Institut, the public service department offers regular events: from the discovery of the site to active participation, through various specialised encounters (artists, guest speakers and so on). Our goal is to guide the public’s access, through various forms of mediation, in the understanding and appreciation of our artistic programmes. In a broad sense, the public service department encourages the reception of contemporary art and all the fields of thought and discussion that it generates (aesthetic, art history, anthropology, the art market, etc.) by the widest audience possible.

Rendez-vous Satellites

With the events Rendez-vous satellites, the lnstitut d'art contemporain explores other forms of creation that induce temporalities and spaces other than those of exhibitions: inter-made moments (focus on a work or on news: Marc Desgrandchamps meets Bertrand Burgalat, 2007; Table d'Hôtes: Albrecht.D., 2008; Performances: Boxon, 2008-2009); screenings/experimental cinema cycle (cinéma Dada,... 2007; FIicker,...2008) or critical and theoretical lectures (2008: the seminar Fabricateurs d’ espaces by Arnauld Pierre).

IAC Friends

The IAC Friends is a non-profit association open to all those interested in becoming part of a network of art lovers and professionals, joining the great Contemporary Art adventure and contributing on an informal basis to the lAC's overall project. Its role also includes support for the artistic programme, extending public outreach and promoting the IAC at regional, national and international level.

Laboratory space brain

Initiated by the artist Ann Veronica Janssens and Nathalie Ergino, director of the IAC, this project proposes to work in the field of artistic experimentation and explore the practical and theoretical research enabling us to link the space and the brain.
This interdisciplinary laboratory brings together the reflections and experiments of artists and scientists (neuroscience, physics, astrophysics...), and also of philosophers, anthropologists, art historians and theoreticians.

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