Galeries Nomades 2010

Semaine 2011

Texts by A. Launay, R. Brunel, F. Aubart, B. Méline, C. Becker.

84 pages

15 €

ISSN : 1766-6465

Galeries Nomades exhibitions enable young artists with qualifications from the écoles supérieures d’art in the Rhône-Alpes region to benefit from a first solo exhibition under professional conditions for the dissemination of contemporary art. Every two years, in collaboration with Adera (the network of écoles supérieures d’art in the Rhône-Alpes region) and with joint production with partners, the Institut d’art contemporain holds exhibitions with the creation of new work and followed by a publication.
Made by Analogues editions during the launch of the supplements of Semaine magazine, this publication gathers artists and art critics involved in Galeries Nomades 2010.
edited by Analogues, Arles
co-edited by

IAC Villeurbanne

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