Tony Cragg



Printed silk scarf
90 x 127 cm
100% silk, French-made by Brochier Soieries, Lyon
Multiple in 100 copies, crafted in December 2021 by Brochier Soieries, Lyon,
produced by the Friends of the IAC, Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes

Public price : 400 euros
Friends price : 250 euros

The work of renowned British sculptor Tony Cragg examines the complex relationship between natural formations and human creations. 

Although it had always formed an essential part of his creative process, it was in the late 1980s that Cragg began approaching drawing as a distinct practice. Rather than concrete diagrams of a structure, his drawings allow him to imagine phantasmagorical architectures and make visible natural phenomena such as wind, sound waves and magnetic fields. The swirling columns in the drawing adapted for the Brochier silks at the Institut d'art contemporain give an impression of volume, but also of movement and lightness. As the artist explains: "In contrast to sculpture, drawing never demands a real-world scenario. Drawing steps into a world of dreams."

→ Tony Cragg

© Soieries Brochier

Tony Cragg, Untitled, 2021 © Soieries Brochier

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