Humain / Inhumain

La Collection en Enseignement supérieur

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Philippe Mayaux, Non, pas comme ça !, 1991/1996
Gilles Aillaud, Ours blanc, 1981
View of the exhibition Humain / Inhumain, 15 September - 28 November 2010, INSA Villeurbanne Rhône/France.

© Blaise Adilon


Invited by INSA, Lyon, the Institut d’art contemporain set up the exhibition Humain / Inhumain, consisting of works from its collection, in the exhibition hall at the Centre des Humanités. It was achieved in partnership with the Cultural Department of INSA Lyon and echoes its 'Culture – Communication' teaching.

The frontier between human and inhuman is difficult to establish clearly and this has interested numerous philosophers. It leads to examining the human condition in its many relations with animals, with the divine and also with the monstrous, depending on whether the word 'inhuman' refers to non-human or to human par excellence. It can be compared with its sublime dimension or, in contrast, its own barbarity. In all cases the limits are tested and man measured by his capacity for immoderation.

The works shown addressed these questions through various media and modes of exploration.

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