Ann Veronica Janssens

Dans la poussière du soleil

Parcours été 2011

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Ann Veronica Janssens, Side, 2006
View of the exhibition Dans la poussière du soleil, 19 juin - 9 octobre 2011, Château des Adhémar-Centre d’art contemporain, Montélimar, Drôme.

© Blaise Adilon


Visitors come up against the 'ungraspable' with Ann Veronica Janssens' works, a subtle experience in which they lose control of their senses. The deconstruction of objects in the artist's work brings the visitor back to his/her own body and the experimenting of instability, whether this is visual, physical, temporal or psychological.

At Château des Adhémar, Ann Veronica Janssens used the four exhibition spaces for immersion works. Taking inspiration from the venue to capture the atmosphere, she played on reflection and refraction phenomena that invited visitors for an unusual meeting in this historical place. Dans la poussière du soleil set up a pathway running from darkness to the surrounding landscape.

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