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Every two years, the IAC experiments with its collection in situ.
Alongside the experiment undertaken in Villeurbanne with various cultural organisations, in 2018 the IAC is presenting a selection of works that include both recent acquisitions and works from the existing collection.
“Contaminating, excessively exploiting.
Concerns expressed since the 1960s are crystallising today with the advent of the Anthropocene1.”
Echoing these questions asked by the Laboratoire espace cerveau [Brain Space Laboratory], the exhibition Chaosmose* brings together practices that are in direct contact with the elements: ritual marches, harvests, harnessing gravity, and more. Some of the processes at work here size up the cosmos and its infiniteness; others probe the latent darkness of the unpredictable phenomena that pass through it.
In search of a position in a chaotic universe, the artists seek a potential continuity and transpose the vertigo of natural forces into imaginative, even spiritual power.

1 Hélène Guenin, Cosmogonies, au gré des éléments, MAMAC Nice & Éditions Snoeck, Gand, 2018, p. 22

* Resonating with the ‘chaosmos’ of James Joyce (a portmanteau created by Joyce in Finnegans Wake, 1939) and, by extension, with the chaosmosis of Felix Guattari (1992) and the exhibition Cosmogonies au gré des éléments [Cosmogonies Subject to the Elements] curated by Hélène Guenin at the MAMAC Nice in 2018. The exhibition sho
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