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Radio / Tomorrow’s Sculpture

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Following her participation in various collective exhibitions at the IAC (1966-79, 2013; Demain dans la bataille pense à moi, 2015-16; Le Trait de Jupiter, 2017), the IAC invites Katinka Bock this autumn for a major solo exhibition.

Radio is the third part in the Tomorrow’s Sculpture cycle dedicated to the artist by three exhibition venues in Europe (the Mudam Luxembourg, the Kunst Museum Winterthur, and the IAC). In what will be the artist’s first project designed for several institutions, Tomorrow’s Sculpture variously unfolds based on a shared pre-selection of artworks and constitutes a prism through which Katinka Bock explores the cornerstones of her sculptural practice – the notions of flux, matter, and space – in multiple variations.
At the IAC, Radio merges existing works with specific projects, the results of exploration by Katinka Bock into the physical and material conditions of the IAC and its historical and social contextualisation. Some of her new productions are therefore the fruit of a connection between the IAC and the city of Villeurbanne, while others derive instead from an analysis of the building itself.
Among the works presented, numerous elements are borrowed, directly or via casts or imprints, from the everyday environment: domestic space, the studio, the natural world, or the urban context.

Katinka Bock’s work maintains a horizontal, porous relationship with the real: “What we do comes from life – art always remains part of life, it is a contribution to life,” she affirms.
Convoking materials such as clay, stone, wood, bronze, plants, and water, Katinka Bock’s sculptures and installations stem from legible and simple gestures: folding, rolling, casting, marking, imprinting, finding a balance, or overturning…
While the artist was exploring the form of the landscape in Winterthur and its narrative potential, she suggested to the IAC an alternative based on the physicality and phenomenological dimension of her work.
Like precipitation, a decanting observed through the transparency of a fluid, the exhibition deploys a typology of forms and materials throughout the various rooms.
In a conversation or even a fusion between interior and exterior, physical processes such as the circulation of channels or the alteration of matter are joined together and confronted by meteorological conditions.
Pervaded by dynamic forces, through their very material, the works of Katinka Bock manifest a porosity to atmospheric variations that fosters unrestrained fluctuations.

The Radio exhibition will take stock of these multiple evolutions throughout, in the manner of a living organism.
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