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Since 2008, the Institut d'art contemporain has regularly proposed a renewed point of view on its own collection.
Collection'15 is an opportunity to (re)discover recent acquisitions and to consider them from a new perspective.
Associating different generations of artists, the exhibition is a testament to the IAC's longstanding support for French and international artistic creation. Initiated more than 30 years ago, and bringing together more than 1,700 works of art, the mandate of the IAC collection is to make itself available on a local level in the Rhône Alpes region, and indeed on a national and international level. The articulation between creation and collection is essential to understanding the policy of enrichment that the IAC continues to employ with regard to its collection.
This presentation of oeuvres plays on different types of spaces and temporalities. Calling upon the memory of spaces that hosted certain pieces during monographic or collective exhibitions, it invites us to reconsider the question of memory and the archive. The presence, for the very first time, of La Boîte UNTEL (1975–2013) by the eponymous group reminds us humorously of the fundamental dimension of the constitution of a collection. The recent edition of this box compiles a material documentation of actions led by the ephemeral collective between 1975 and 1980.

To exhibit a collection is not only to accomplish a task of archiving and selection in accumulation, but also to provoke encounters and dialogues between artworks. The frictions produced are as many invitations to reevaluate one's own perception through the reconfiguration of new paths.
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