Jean-Charles Massera

Kiss My Mondialisation

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The presence of invitee Jean-Charles Massera (1965, Mantes-la-Jolie, France) is the opportunity for IAC to display the installations of a contemporary «multidisciplinary artist» whose work includes fiction, sociopolitical theatre pieces, radio plays, essays on art and the cinema, and public space poster projects.

Massera works with language in a range of formats extending to production of sound-objects.

From the outset of his career he has fluctuated between text and sound, testing out novel montage, mixing and cut-and-paste operations that allow him to cut free of the book and employ different forms–recordings, songs, installations–to transpose everyday speech and obtain a hearing for unfamiliar voices. Perception of reality is openly critical here with a translation of contexts of life using a socio-political viewpoint and through polyphonic fictions with several collective subjects.

Working with different forms of speech, different formats and different experimental modes, Massera addresses the alienating effects of globalisation and the changed circumstances of life today in individual and collective terms. In his project for IAC he takes his spatial writing approach still further, in what he emphasises as, simultaneously, a political and artistic act.

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