9e Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon

00's - L'histoire d'une décennie qui n'est pas encore nommée

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La Sucrière Lyon

Fondation Bullukian Lyon

The lnstitut d’art contemporain is hosting the Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art for the third time in succession.

The 2007 Lyon Biennial is in line with research that for more than a decade has consisted of addressing the essential questions related to the most contemporary creative work. The project for this Biennial is that of a history book written by several hands.

00's – L'histoire d'une décennie qui n’est pas encore nommée (The 00's—The history of a decade that has not yet been named). The method used for this Biennial is based on the structure of a wide game, with rules for selection and for the assigning of roles. The game is in the form of an investigation, with participation by 60 players. Two circles of play take shape. The first assembles a community of critics and curators who are asked a single question: ‘Which artist or work of art do you think has an essential place in this decade?'. The second circle is groups of artists entrusted with the completion of a full sequence that, according to the methods of each one of them, defines the decade.

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