Proposition 2

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Atrium de la Caisse d'Epargne Lyon — Rhône


Poster of the exhibition
Denis Paufique
Gilles Lecoffre, Unheimlisches Terco
Philippe Favier, Trente Mai 1981


The Nouveau Musée keeps on exploring workshops or groups of creators. After Proposition I, which gathered four painters, follows logically Proposition II, which is composed of four totally different works of art, four creations which are shown at a precise point of their creation.
Didier Lecoffre, first of all, favours references to art history but also refusal of all colour effects, since the painter works exclusively with white, black and a range of greys. His work of art, here, calls the visitor to analyse and wonder and is presented to their eyes with delight.

Denis Paufique, who is a painter as well, cuts and puts together the painted canvas, amplifying the energy of the forms.

Denis Favier banks on contradictions. Stubbornly, he draws and colours the crowds from a microscopic world. Every tiny character is cut before becoming a part of its microcosm on a macrocosm scale: the wall painted in white.

Finally, "Totem" is an unusual group of furniture manufacturers and produce highly colored furniture with frequently new -and sometimes aggressive- forms.
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