Pierre Unal-Brunet

Born in 1993 in Lyon (France)
Lives and works in Sète (France)

Pierre Unal-Brunet creates sculptures and assemblages that derive from research on speculative evolution. The materials and colours that he uses are equally inspired by fantastical tales and the ecological crisis. A born bricoleur and self-described “rag and bone man”, he works with reclaimed objects and natural elements to craft hybrid, mutant forms. The world imagined by Unal-Brunet – post-apocalyptic environments and weird creatures – tells of dystopias, survival and emancipation.

At Young International Artists he is showing Amber Grease, an immersive environment that delivers a total pictorial and sensory experience by revisiting the Pinocchio story through the prism of his unbridled imagination and of his thoughts on the state of the world. The piece, a plastic interpretation of the whale Monstro, takes us inside “a bulimic system” where everyone can play the role of Geppetto – and the artist more than anyone.


Galeries Nomades 2020


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