Anne Le Troter

Born in 1985, Saint-Étienne (France)
Lives and works in Paris (France)

Invited by the artistic direction of Rendez-vous

When you enter an Anne Le Troter sound installation, your attention is immediately attracted by voices. The "battering-ram effect" of speech, as the artist calls it, is suddenly evident, both in what is being uttered and in the form of that utterance: hesitations, furtive movements; the voices seem to be the febrile seismographs of souls. Sometimes they come to resemble little machines that the artist has carefully placed in her pieces. Anne Le Troter’s installations are systematic objects reflecting the standardization of contemporary societies; they then become speaking machines. It is not surprising than that telephone call centres, places where voices are formatted par excellence, have been a particular subject of her research.

Rendez-vous I Biennale de Lyon 2017, Jeune création internationale



Rendez—Vous I Biennale de Lyon 2017, Jeune création internationale


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