Hicham Berrada

Born in 1986 à Casablanca (Morocco)
Lives and works in Paris (France)

Suggested by Alya Sebti, Artistic Director of the 5th Marrakech Biennial in 2014

For Hicham Berrada, science is an unusual mode of thought. He sees particles, temperature and chemical reactions as brushes and pigments for him to use: instruments, materials and components of the work. The artist brings rigour to his attempts to reproduce some of the meteorological, physical and chemical phenomena at work in nature, using an artistic protocol that resembles an experimental scientific approach. In this spirit, he becomes an "organiser of energy" selecting, arranging and then adjusting, one by one, the factors involved in the composition of his work, specifying the choice of molecules, the intensity of magnetism or the power of luminosity.

Rendez-vous I Biennale de Lyon 2017, Jeune création internationale



Rendez—Vous I Biennale de Lyon 2017, Jeune création internationale


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