« ecnamoR delliflufnU, 16:31 » (2021)

By Charles Wesley

ecnamoR delliflufnU, 16:31 (2021)

is a sound romance

digital scratches sketch metallic songs

a loving practice of the electronic media

voices back and forth, close and far
further into a dawn

splashes, titillating highs
sculpted into a resonating chamber

"The installation is playing a sound piece composed for IAC. Divided into two tracks, one track is played from the sound shower, another one from the speakers placed on the floor. Sounds are emitted between the two sources which are creating interferences and/or empty spaces. The shower allows a more directional, intimate listening vs the stereo on the ground a more diffuse, environmental one.

Here you can listen to the whole track in a form adapted to headphones or home listening.

Hope you'll have a nice time listening"
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