Written by Guillaume Leblon and Thomas Boutoux

| 18:30
In the continuation of the solo show On horseback with the painter, the Institut d'art contemporain de Villeurbanne offers a representation of The Interview, a play written by Guillaume Leblon and Thomas Boutoux.

Like the transformation of the spaces of the IAC operated by Guillaume Leblon, The Interview is an attempt to invent a new shape of critical text. It is a question of taming the stylistic means and the rules of story as we deconstruct and reconstruct walls and passages, in the style of Guillaume Leblon's works which do not restrain themselves in spaces but redefine them. The not compliant frames are broken, twisted, pushed to their breathlessness.

The Interview which has initially taken place between the artist Guillaume Leblon and the art critic Thomas Boutoux, played respectively by Renan Carteaux and Volodia Serre, is not quite a dialogue in two voices, nor completely an analysis of the work of Leblon, but rather a discussion-ballad which tries to draw the formal utopia of an artistic discourse.

Excerpt* :

But that's the idea! A few illustrations − abstract in general − scattered throughout this really long text that would go on and on for pages and pages, with these long lines everywhere.

OK... but what's this text is going to be?

But that's your job! The idea's to write something about my work, but not like you usually write, more like Tristram Shandy this time.

*Guillaume Leblon, Thomas Boutoux, The Interview, Paris, Ed. Paraguay Press, 2009

On the occasion of this evening the IAC Friends will open their private visit to the public.


7 p.m.: Visit of the exhibition with Guillaume Leblon
8:15 p.m. : Begining of the performance at the auditorium of the IAC

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