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Les Amis invitent...

Olivier Blanckart

| 19:00
→ Auditorium

At the suggestion of Les Amis de l’IAC and as part of their 2010-2011 programme, the series of meetings with stakeholders in contemporary art is continuing with the visit of the artist Olivier Blanckart.

In parallel with his work as an artist, Olivier Blanckart has carried out in-depth examination and documentation of legal questions.'Art goes back 30,000 years. Artists too. But symbolic representations are still a problem. What is a work of the mind today and how does the law come into the definition of a work of art?'

Born in 1959 in Brussels (Belgium), Olivier Blanckart lives and works in Paris and New York. He is a photographer, puts on performances and makes sculpture using packaging materials: cardboard, brown paper and adhesive tape.

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