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I Like Your Shirt

Christophe Bourseiller et Violeta Sanchez se souviennent de Guy de Cointet

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Marie de Brugerolle has invited Christophe Bourseiller, actor, radio and television broadcaster and also writer, historian of avant-gardes and above all a friend and the favourite actor of Guy de Cointet, to recount his memories of the artist who died in 1983.

The actor was very young when he met the artist and the meeting had a strong impact on his career. Christophe Bourseiller stayed with Guy de Cointet in Los Angeles when he was 16 and was marked by the artist's use of codes and his relation with avant-garde movements. He was the link between Roussel and the situationists, the Californian scene that Bourseiller discovered thanks to Cointet. He saw him again in New York where he became acquainted with Andy Warhol. In 1981 he acted once only in I LIKE YOUR SHIRT, a piece written for him in the special context of the Mudd Club. During the same period, Violeta Sanchez acted in the French version of Tell Me at the Théâtre Marie Stuart in Paris with Yves Lefèbvre as the director. Guy de Cointet wrote the part of Docteur Abraham for her in the last play put on in France during the author's life: De toutes les couleurs, at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris. She agreed to participate in a reading recording specially for this meeting and that will be presented with the other original items. It will be possible for the first time since 1981 to hear this flavoursome text that assembles words and colours, sense and nonsense, China and the poetics of dreaming …

Aimée and Christophe get a strange letter from their friend Gizella who is looking for a job. 'XI GOISSEYTU VEJANNHUM HIKPITUTAM', she writes. A conversation starts, with joking about the artist's life and fashion:

A: (…) I like your shirt.
C: Well…it’s curly, that’s all.
A: I guess I'm jealous. Mine is everything but curly.

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