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Les Amis guest…

Roxana Azimi

| 18:00
→ Docks 40 Lyon

A year after the slump, has the art market changed?

Round table organised by Roxana Azimi, journalist at Journal des ArtsLe Monde and the magazines L’OEiI and Monopol.

"The world has been in crisis for a year now. What impact has this had on the way galleries, collectors and artists function? Has the market become more virtuous after years of excess, or has the craziness just been put on hold?"
- Laurent Godin: after four years as director of the Rectangle art centre in Lyon, Laurent Godin opened a gallery in Paris in 2005. Among the artists he represents are Claude Closlcy, Wang Du and Henrik Samuelsson. At the Docks Art Fair he is presenting a solo show by David Kramer.
- Georges-Philippe Vallois: Georges-Philippe and ex-wife Nathalie Vallois opened a gallery in Paris in 1990, with a talent list including Gilles Barbier, Alain Bublex and Jacques Villeglé. At the Docks Art fair he is presenting a solo show by Vincent Lamouroux.
- Nadia Candet: art collector and author of Collections particuliéres (Flammarion, 2008).
- Antoine de Galbert: collector Antoine de Galbert opened a gallery in Grenoble in 1997, before setting up the Maison Rouge Foundation in Paris in 2004.
- Bruno Henry: collector, member of the "Association pour la Diffusion de l'Art Francais" (ADIAF).

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