Galeries nomades 09

| 19:00

The Galeries Nomades (Roving Galleries) system offers young artists from the Rhône-Alpes Region's five art schools - Annecy, Grenoble, Lyon, Saint Etienne and Valence - an initial solo exhibition in a fully professional Contemporary Art setting.
In 2009, as part of the run-up to Galeries Nomades 2010, the IAC and the Rhône-Alpes art school network ADERA are organising an evening of art events.

- Natacha Cabret, Graduated from Annecy art school in 2009
(dé) marches, 2009. Sculpture performance

- Rémi Dal Negro, Graduated from Annecy art school in 2009
Etendoir du temps, 2009. Sound sculpture

- .CORP - "variable geometry" art collective, post-graduate students from the Saint Etienne School of Art and Design
Dialogue à un, 2009. Reading, videoprojection, sound installation

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