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So Punk !

Punk in Lyon, Today and Yesterday

An interdisciplinary event in three phases.

Screening of hitherto unshown experimental films by Georges Rey and excerpts from music films

Dating from 1978-79, these films document a segment of Lyon's punk-tinged music scene via coverage of concerts and three groups: Marie et les Garcons, Starshooter and Electric Calla. Georges Rey also presents a film shot during a Marie et les Garcons rehearsal in a basement, together with Punk?, Mephisto and De Profundis, three portraits of people on the 1970s punk music scene.


The IAC takes this historical focus further with everyday items from the period, obtained via an appeal to the public and including publications, original vinyl discs, concert tickets, photographs and posters. The Lyon experimental cinema scene of the time is also covered and the exhibition is complemented by archival press material.

Concerts and perfonnances relating to the period

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