Jean Louis Maubant

Ambition d’art : Alphabet (vol. I) ; Archive (vol. II)


Texts by J.-C. Conésa, X. Douroux, N. Ergino, M. Francis, J.-L. Froment, J. Lebrero Stals, J.-H. Martin, J.-L. Maubant, F. Nanjo, S. Risaliti.

2 tomes:
V. 1 : 368 pages
V. 2 : 232 pages 

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ISBN : 978-2-84066-273-0

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The former Nouveu Musée, now called Institut d'art contemporain, is thirty years old. It's a good opportunity to reconsider the story of the art scene through the adventure of a french Art Center. A good chance also to examine the art system and the fonction or atr now. What happens now, and in the next future, for an "ambition of art"?
edited by les presses du réel, Dijon
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IAC Villeurbanne

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