Amandine Arcelli

Born in 1991 in Montpellier (France)
Lives ans works in Paris (France)

To create her sculptures, Amandine Arcelli uses traditional construction techniques and familiar materials from the building sector and everyday life. Tapping her artisanal know-how, she explores all production possibilities without any hierarchy of gesture or material, making assemblages that she enhances with pigments. Inspired by various cultures discovered during her travels (as in southern India recently), the artist’s creations meld the constituent parts of the places where they are produced.

For Young International Artists, Arcelli is showing a set of works entitled \tik.sɔ.tʁɔ.pi\, from the name given to certain elements’ ability to move from a semi-solid state to a liquid state. Made from engine parts and plumbing pipework, and covered in a turmeric coating, the works seem to belong to some new half-organic, half-mechanical species: the industrial animal.

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