Dia Mehta Bhupal

Born in 1984, Mumbai (India)
Lives and works in Hyderabad (India)

Suggested by Sudarshan Shetty, Artist and Curator of the 3rd Kochi-Muziris Biennial in 2016

A bookshop, a pharmacy, a waiting room, lavatories or a cinema: all places that one might be tempted to think of as poor and, being communal, aseptic. For Dia Mehta Bhupal, the apparent neutrality of these spaces conceals an intensive dialogue, resulting from the confrontation between individuals of different cultures. If in her works she chooses to exclude the public from public places, it is perhaps to transmute them into an attentive public. When their archaeology is revealed, these spaces seem to stop being places of passage for the visitor, and become places of contemplation.

Rendez—Vous I Biennale de Lyon 2017, Jeune création internationale


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