Igor Keltchewsky - alias Abraham Murder

Born in 1989, Paris (France)
Lives and works in Lyon (France)

Invited by the artistic direction of Rendez-vous

Igor Keltchewsky creates digital worlds in which image and sound inform each other and in which he develops his digital alter ego, Abraham Murder. It was in 2014, with the work Murder Day, that the portrait of this avatar was first created: a disillusioned rock star, leader of “Abraham Murder” – which is also the name of Igor Keltchewsky’s own real-life rock group. In the film Random Perspectives (2016), Abraham Murder is transported into a multitude of gaming environments, from the two-dimensional graphics of early video games to the most recent movie aesthetics.

Rendez—Vous I Biennale de Lyon 2017, Jeune création internationale


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