Specialised in contemporary art, the bookshop at the Institute is open during exhibition opening hours.
It stocks general works, monographic and joint catalogues, theoretical works and also a selection of books renewed for each event concerning the ongoing exhibition or the art and research projects being carried out at the Institute.
Publications of Le Nouveau Musée and of L'Institut d’art contemporain are also available.
Works (postcards, objects, artists' books, etc.) are often available.


A reading area with a selection of documents centred on the exhibition of the moment is accessible to all visitors at the reception of the Institute during opening hours.
Designed jointly by the team at L’Institut d’art contemporain, the selection generally consists of works from the Documentation Centre and shows many aspects of exhibitions (catalogues of solo and group exhibitions, theoretical texts, writings by the artists, etc.)
This set of documents is also accompanied by a video documentary showing the setting up of the exhibition and talks with the artists invited.

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