Regarding young creation, the Institut d'art contemporain relies on what makes it unique. As an institute, it is both a tool for creation, research and learning, as well as a tool for further study and training. By making available various experimental periods intended for them, the IAC aims to be a platform for supporting and accompanying young artists over the long term.
Each year, IAC devotes part of its programming to young creation. On a biennial rhythm, the Galeries Nomades programme allows five graduated artists from the five art schools of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes to have the support of the IAC for the organization of a first personal exhibition in co-production with five places of creation and diffusion for contemporary art spread over the regional territory. Conceived as a first opportunity on leaving school, Galeries Nomades is often the first step towards a common history between the artist and IAC. Over the years, this creates a pool of young artists followed and supported by the structure (Marie Dechavanne, Damien Fragnon, Anna Holveck, Margot Pietri and Pierre Unal-Brunet in 2020).

Alternating with Galeries Nomades, the Jeune création internationale programme brings together a selection of young artists who have graduated from art schools in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (Amandine Arcelli, Jimmy Beauquesne, Maïté Marra, Louise Mervelet, Alma Sauret-Small, Pierre Unal-Brunet…) and international artists, all selected by a jury composed of the institutions co-organizing the event (La Biennale de Lyon, l’École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon, l’Institut d’art contemporain, Villeurbanne/ Rhône-Alpes et le macLYON). This complementary programme offers young artists with already established professional careers international visibility.

At the same time, urban (with the city of Villeurbanne) and rural (as part of Un territoire en trois temps) residences allow artists who have already benefited from a first project with IAC to deepen their research (Amandine Arcelli / Jeune création internationale 2022 ; Damien Fragnon / Galeries Nomades2020 ; Marjolaine Turpin / Galeries Nomades2018…). Recently, these residencies have also become preparation times allowing these artists to join La Fabrique des Nous programmed every two years in Villeurbanne.

IAC also offers young artists who wish to do so the opportunity to join the participants of the Laboratoire espace cerveau, which enables them to contribute, alongside artists and researchers, to the work currently being carried out in the cycle Comment habiter des mondes cosmomorphes? (as it is the case with the artists Jean-Baptiste Perret, Théo Massoulier, Linda Sanchez...). This long-term support for young artists also encourages larger-scale projects, such as the invitation intended to Camille Llobet for next spring. First invited in 2010 as part of the Galeries Nomades2010 programme (jeune création in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), she returns in situ in 2011 on the occasion of Rendez-vous 11 (which has since become Jeune création internationale) before joining the IAC Collection in 2018. At the same time, she joined the Laboratoire espace cerveau, in which she got interested notably for the research conducted in astrophysics and neuroscience at the time. The Fond d'air exhibition, which brings together existing works and new productions in the entire exhibition space, will enable her to put her work into perspective and thus initiate a new cycle of research.

IAC's commitment to young artists reflects a deeper desire, at a time when the situation of artists is becoming more precarious and the various biological, climatic and social upheavals are questioning our future more than ever. Supporting young artists responds to an imperative: to try to metamorphose ourselves and invent together new ways of being in the world.
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